Biggest Sports teams in Kansas

Kansas City is an impressive place, especially if you are a sports fan. In terms of the biggest sports teams in Kansas, you may or may not be surprised to learn that Kansas City was home to all five of the professional sports leagues. Impressively three out of the five of these major leagues are still in existence.

The three biggest sports teams in Kansas

In terms of the professional sports leagues, which is where most sports fanatic’s real interest lie, can be found in one of these three teams.

American football

The biggest sports team and most popular in the field of competitive American football are the well-known Kansas City Chiefs. They are based in Missouri in Kansas City. They are still extremely popular and well known to sports lovers because of their win in the Super bowl Champions in 1970.The team are known for playing in Arrowhead Stadium, where they have been playing since 1972. It is the sixth largest stadium in the NFL. All sport lovers love and appreciate Arrowhead Stadium.


If you are a baseball fan and supporter, you will definitely know The Kansas City Royals. The history of this very successful baseball league dates back to the expansion in 1969. The team took part in four World Series, which they successfully won in the years 1985 and 2015. This team has been going strong ever since and although many changes have taken place; they remain to be one of the strongest and biggest sports teams in Kansas. Baseball fans in Kansas city remain to date very proud supporters of their team


When it comes to soccer in the Kansas City region, if you are a fan, the words "Sporting Kansas City" will feel like home to your ears. The impressive Sporting Kansas City team is an impressive American professional soccer club which is situated in Missouri in Kansas City. You may also know them by the name "Kansas City Wizards" which is one of their most popular nicknames. The rebranding of the team took place in 2010. They also moved in this year to their home stadium which known today as the Children’s Mercy Park. They have been going strong ever since.

Of course there are many more exciting sports teams but these are amongst the biggest. They have been playing like champs for so many years that it is a real treat for the older generations to watch them still play to this day. Residents of Kansas City have been following their favorite sports teams for years on end. These sports teams have become special amongst families in Kansas, as they get spoken about through the generations. The victories and stories will stand the test of time.