Country Club Plaza

When in Kansas here are so many things you can do and so many great places to visit to have fun. To begin, you can visit the Country Club Plaza, the most popular place to shop, dine, walk around or watch a movie. It houses chain stores, eateries, and hotels including high-end shops like Coach and Michael Kors. The architecture of the building is one aspect that draws people in; its Spanish-style fountains are wonderful places to take a photo. There is free parking on site and at nearby garages and to make matters more interesting, there is a bike share station nearby at Ward Parkway and Broadway.


To the north of the Country Club is Westport, a popular shopping and dining location thronged by residents and visitors all round the year. It is the oldest establishment in Kansas City, and it is the point from which the mid-1800s pioneers began the trek along the railway track. It is today filled with bars, shops, restaurants, hotels among other entertainment venues. Popular entertainment in Kansas includes the Kick comedy theater and Ernie Bigg’s Piano Bar. As you travel, you can stop by Ca Va Champagne bar, and you will not be disappointed with their wine selection. Availability of street parking is assured as you tour the city.

Kauffman Stadium

The popular baseball team, Kansas City Royals are based at the Kauffman Stadium. There is nothing as entertaining as watching a game at the stadium that underwent renovations in 2009. The beloved team made it to the World Series in 2014 and ended up bringing a renewed wave of enthusiasm to the city. There are several drinks and food vendors within the stadium during matches. Visitors are usually encouraged to attend the games whenever they are in town to let them see how energized and welcoming the people of this town are. This is the best way the people of this city can share the popular entertainment in Kansas with visitors. The stadium is located about 8 miles out of the town and has ample parking spaces

Power & Light District

This place located next to the Sprint Center houses more than 50 shops, nightlife venues, and restaurants. It is the newest popular entertainment in Kansas. Its 2-floor KC live entertainment venue that usually hosts about 150 performances and concerts every year is the coolest feature of this location. You can also go to Big Sky to ride a mechanical bull or the Shark Bar to dance to the 90’s music or visit the Howl at the Moon to sing along with the pianist. Look no further than Power & Light District for entertainment when in Kansas City.